Jakov Gotovac - Ero s onoga svijeta (Ero the Joker)

Jakov Gotovac - Ero s onoga svijeta (Ero the Joker)
Видео: Jakov Gotovac - Ero s onoga svijeta (Ero the Joker)
Длительность: 02:00:49 мин.
Теги: Jakov, Gotovac, Ero, onoga, svijeta, (Ero, the, Joker)

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HNK Split Conductor Niksa Bareza Mica - Janez Lotric Doma - Nelli Manuilenko Djula - Bozena Svalina Mlinar Sima - Ratomir Kliskic Marko - Ivica Cikes Act I At the threshing floor of a rich peasant Marko, young women are singing while crumbling corns. Only master Markos daughter Djula is sad her mother died and her stepmother, Doma, does not care for her at all. Djulas voice awakes Mica, a young man whom nobody knows. While women are comforting Djula and start singing again, he slides down from a big haystack on which he has been lying unnoticed -- as if he fell from the sky. Superstitious women believe him when he says I am Ero from another world! He starts dragging out a story about the life up there, delivering messages from their deceased ones. Djulas stepmother comes out and grumbles about their laziness. However, Mica sends her back into the kitchen by deceit, and thus, being left alone with Djula, tells her that her late mother has chosen hi