Avatar Spotlight Polyphemus Gauntlet

Avatar Spotlight Polyphemus Gauntlet
Видео: Avatar Spotlight Polyphemus Gauntlet
Длительность: 00:00:46 мин.
Теги: Avatar, Spotlight, Polyphemus, Gauntlet

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New Gold Collection Gauntlet Avatar Polyphemus After millennia of loathing and hatred for the treacherous swine Odysseus for plunging a wooden stake into his eye and blinding him, the gigantic cyclops Polyphemus has had his sight restored to him by his mother, Thoosa. His father Poseidon also equipped him with an incredibly powerful weapon known as the ‘God-Hand,’ a device built with infernal wrath in mind. Odysseus may be long dead, but humankind will answer for his malefaction. Polyphemus has left his